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At Emerald Basketball Association, we owe our success to the incredible dedication of our volunteers. Their dedicated efforts behind the scenes are invaluable, allowing our players to shine on the court. If you're ready to make a difference, we have an important role for you!

Are you ready to make an impact? There are countless opportunities to get involved and contribute your skills and passion.

Coaching Volunteers: Our team of coaches is entirely composed of volunteers, and we're always seeking more enthusiastic individuals to step up and lead. You don't need prior basketball experience to become a coach—what matters is your willingness to guide and inspire the team. Learn from our seasoned experts, become a mentor to our players, and help shape their basketball journey. We invite parents and dedicated individuals to join us on the sidelines and provide valuable guidance to our aspiring athletes.

Scoring Volunteers: Every game day, our scoring volunteers play a pivotal role in capturing the excitement and maintaining accurate records. Your assistance is crucial in creating a seamless game experience. As a scoring volunteer, you'll be responsible for tracking and recording points, fouls, and other vital statistics. Your attention to detail and commitment to accuracy will help ensure fair play and provide the players with the recognition they deserve.

EBA Committee: The association's committee plays a pivotal role in shaping our club's direction. Each year, during our Annual General Meeting, the committee is elected. Positions include President, Secretary, Treasurer and more. These key roles drive the strategic decisions and overall management of the association. If you have a passion for governance and leading a sports organization, consider taking on a committee position and contribute to the long-term success of our club.

Join Emerald Basketball Association and become part of a vibrant community that thrives on the dedication of its volunteers. Your involvement, regardless of the role you choose, will have a meaningful impact on our players, coaches, and the overall basketball experience we provide.

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